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At Legal Draft, we believe it starts with the beer. It should be world-class, full of flavor, and consistently satisfying. Our beer is brewed with the best ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment by a German Master Brewer. We'd love to serve you a pint in our taproom, in a local pub, or in a six-pack from a store near you.


Core Beers - Year Round

Legal Blonde Lager
4.8% ABV  |  18 IBU

A Munich Lager made with fine malt and superior hops, fermented cold and lagered for a clear, straw-colored body and smooth, refreshing drinkability.

Presumed innocent IPA
7.2% ABV  |  68 IBU

An approachable American IPA, with a slight haze to its dark gold body and a bright citrus aroma from Cascade hops. 


Smash & Grab IPA
6.1% ABV  |  70 IBU

This single malt and single hop IPA presents a bright citrus nose from Citra hops, followed by a strong backbone of pale ale on Two Row malt. There is enough bitterness to know you're drinking an IPA, but the malt balance lends a nice drinkability.


Free & Clear
gluten removed Lager
4.9% ABV

A traditionally brewed Helles Lager with gluten removed in the brewing process. Crisp and clean, its light body and easy drinkability make it a refreshing treat for today's active beer afficionado.

Accused Amber Lager
5.5% ABV  |  20 IBU

An Amber Vienna Lager with toasted, malty flavor and a color reminiscent of a Texas sunset, it’s the perfect thirst quencher for those who prefer a bit of a bolder lager. 

Chief Justice Stout
6.6% ABV  |  33 IBU

Brewed with chocolate malt and easy on the hops, it’s made for those who enjoy a rich, smooth traditional stout.


Hung Jury Hefeweizen
5.0% ABV  |  18 IBU

A traditional Weissbier brewed with coriander and orange peel, and served unfiltered.


nowhere but texas
4.2% ABV

This American Premium Lager is straw gold and made for easy drinking. It’s perfect for the lake, a ballgame or a Texas Country concert.

Canned Seasonals


5.2% ABV

Classic Bavarian style Oktoberfest, with a hint of orange in its clear body, a slight toast of malt, and a crisp finish that invites another sip. Annual Fall Seasonal Release.
Available September 1, 2018


Black Letter Law Pilsner
4.7% ABV

There’s no disputing this traditional Schwarzbier. With a dark body and creamy brown head, it delivers surprisingly light and smooth drinkability in every glass. It’s the answer you’re looking for! Seasonal Release January 2018.
Not Available.


impeachment IPA
6.2% |  56 IBU

Another definition: to question the truthfulness of a testifying witness. When Texas peaches meet premium malt and hops in great craft IPA, it’s totally credible. Seasonal Release May 2018.
Not Available.

Legal Holiday Ale
8% ABV  |  20 IBU

Old World meets New World in this Christmas beer. We use rye malt, blood orange peel, and spices for a warming, satisfying feel and a smooth finish. Annual Winter Seasonal Release. Available November 1, 2018.


Bock Trial
7.0% ABV

A classic Doppelbock, brewed with 100% Munich Malt for a dark copper color and a caramel note on the palate. We add Mosaic hops, then lager cold for weeks to bring it to full maturity. Smooth and refreshing, it's the perfect lager to welcome Spring. Prosit! Seasonal Release March 2018.
Coming back January 2019.


Summer Recess
grapefruit ginger Shandy
3.2% ABV

When the Texas summer hits its stride, reach for refreshment. Craft beer, house-made soda, and grapefruit make for a light, crisp, and satisfying thirst quencher. Seasonal Release July 2018
Currently on tap.

Special releases on tap:

lemon law

3.2% ABV
2018 Original State Fair Brew. Lemon Basil Shandy. Light and refreshing with an herbal note that is both interestingly present and cooperatively complimentary.

Barley Legal

9.6% ABV  |  40 IBU
Chocolate and crystal malts give a rich flavor of coffee and dark chocolate to this barley wine. The mouthfeel is smooth and the finish renders a tiny hint of smoke and a mild bitterness from the roast.

barrel aged Barley Legal

11.6% ABV 
Our Barley Legal aged on Witherspoon whiskey barrels.

free to go
gluten free Pale ale

7.09% ABV
A balanced IPA with enough malt to give it a solid structure and a blend of Cascade and Columbus hops to provide a bright and aromatic nose. We use an enzyme during the brewing process to remove the gluten and test that our PPM is well below requirements so if you're gluten intolerant, you're in the clear! Even if gluten isn't a concern, this IPA will not disappoint.


Old fashioned justice

9.8% ABV  |  55 IBU  
Our Presumed Innocent IPA, aged for two months on freshly dumped Witherspoon whiskey barrels. After those two months, we added Citra hops and orange peel for a smooth, sweet finish.


6.1% ABV  |  68 IBU
SMaSH & GRaB IPA gets an extra dry-hop with Mosaic hops, adding layers of tropical fruit and floral tones.

Hard Evidence

4.0% ABV
Our house-made Moot Beer with a lil somethin' special. 


in the Chambers:

ginned up charges

10.1% ABV  
(Hazeas Corpus in Treaty Oak gin barrels). Bright notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruit combine with aromas of juniper and rosemary lead to a rich, complex presence on the palate.


7.4% ABV
Special, limited supply German Sauerbier. Tangy and bright, with a hint of lemon drop giving way to tart cherry on the nose, and awash in citrus, cherry, and sour plum notes on the palate. Only available while supplies last. This one won’t do you wrong!

Holland Porter

Special release – Staff Series, Kelley
5.6% ABV  |  30 IBU
It’s a surprising and complex expression of a classic porter, with rye malt adding a tangy edge to the usual dark smoothness of the style. It’s easy-drinking, layered, and satisfying at the same time.

barrel aged Holland Porter

8.2% ABV  |  40 IBU
We took the Holland Porter and aged it in bourbon barrels for two months. It's still easy drinking, layered and smooth so you can enjoy this porter any time of year. 

High court imperial amber

December 2017 – Limited release
7.1% ABV
A rich, malty, Imperial Amber Lager, with only a hint of hops. It's lagered cold for two months to achieve a smooth, satisfying feel and finish.

Exhibit C IPA

Winter 2017 – Limited Release.
10% ABV  |  100 IBU
Exhibit C is a nod to our one hundredth brew. We used roughly 3 times the malt of our Presumed Innocent IPA, and dry hopped the beer to add as much aroma as we could squeeze out of the Centennial hops. The result is exquisitely rich, but more balanced and much less bitter than most will expect. 

witness protection

October 2017 – Limited release
7.7% ABV  |  25 IBU
Not quite stout, not really porter, certainly not another brown ale.  What to call it?  Maybe it’s best we put it in Witness Protection for its own good.  Smooth mouthfeel and dark roasted malts add to a nose of mocha. The finish is mild, with just a hint of sweetness.  All good, but with Witness Protection, there’s so much more to the story.

Barrel Aged witness protection

October 2017 – Limited release
7.0% ABV  |  25 IBU
What do you do with your most important person in Witness Protection?  You keep them in hiding, of course.  We’ve stored a nice supply of ours in bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill and Elijah Craig for four months before release. The bourbon nose is prominent but not overpowering, complementing the coffee and vanilla notes.  The mouthfeel is soft and rounded, with toasted, earthy flavors and an easy finish. Still, we can’t say who it really is.

Hazeas corpus

7.2% ABV  |  60 IBU
A hazy, New England IPA. Specialty malts mashed in to exacting standards, unique yeast strains, and plenty of fine hops make this beer lush and full in the mouth, with intense and juicy hop aromas and flavors. It takes a little more time to make a beer with so much hops that lacks sharp bitterness, but the end result is well worth it. Bring this beer before me!

Holiday party

5.7% ABV
We aged our Legal Holiday ale in bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill for four months. Sweet caramel and vanilla notes hop on board with the spices brewed into this winter warmer to make a rich and complex treat. 

Rye Fought the Law

4.5% ABV  |  20 IBU
A classic Roggenbier with a hazy body and a light orange hue. Subtly sweet notes on the nose, with a delightful tanginess and soft, round mouthfeel. Prosit!!

Lawful Good

October 2017 – Limited release for NTXBW
7.65% ABV  |  75 IBU
Lawful Good shows a hazy golden amber body. On the nose, grapefruit and stone fruit dominate, with subtle presence of grass and earth. There’s a rounded mouthfeel, with good malt structure behind a hop bite that yields quickly to citrus and herbal notes. The finish is clean and without tannins.

Strawberry WHeatness

September 2017 – Craft Beer of the State Fair
5.0% ABV
Strawberry Wheatness is a wheat ale made with strawberry puree. The nose is bright and intense strawberry, while the fruit flavor is more muted in the mouth. The bready taste from the wheat malt and a touch of vanilla make the whole experience similar to having a waffle with strawberry and cream on top.

Treble Trouble

August 2017 – Limited release
8.65% ABV  |  30 IBU
A traditional Belgian Tripel Ale, with low hop aroma and medium bitterness. Made from Belgian Pilsner malt and Columbus and Cascade hops, it has a low malt sweetness and round mouthfeel. Aromas range from mild spice to orange and banana.

Roasted Pumpkin Spice Lager

September 2016 – Seasonal release
The official craft beer for the 2016 Texas State Fair.  

Fall Guy

5.2% ABV
You can almost feel the nip in the air with this autumn lager. Cinnamon and nutmeg give a spicy nose to a malty, round mouthfeel. Remember, everybody needs a Fall Guy!

Not a beer drinker? We always have our Moot Beer (non-alcoholic root beer) and a local coffee on tap. No outside alcohol is permitted but other non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.

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