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Anne's Army Corn Hole Tournament

Annual fundraiser for Anne's Army and kick off to our Bike MS team.
Teams of 2 compete in double elimination and the chance to win the Golden Army Man.

$40 per 2 man team- all team proceeds and pulled pork sandwiches and a portion of beer sales will directly benefit Anne's Army.

Raffle Items will be available-

2019 Anne's Army
Cornhole Tournament - Double Elimination
Getting Started:
• Boxes are set up 27 feet apart from front of box to box
• Two teams are needed for play.
• Teammates line up next to opposite boxes facing each other.
• Start with all 8 bags at one end.
How to Play:
• Coin toss to determine which teams throws first bag and which side.
• Alternate throws between teams until all bags are thrown.
• The foul line is made by the front of the boxes and all throws must be made from behind the foul line.
• Player loses his turn if he throws over the foul line.
• The team that scores the most points in a round, starts the throwing for the next round.
• If the round is tied, the last team to win a round throws first.
• If a cornhole bag hits the ground first, then bounces onto the board, remove the bag, as it does not count. If a bag hits ground and board, it will count for points, if it stays on the board when the board is lifted from the ground.
• Once all 8 bags are thrown, scoring is determined using traditional 21 scoring (negation scoring) .
• 1 point for any bag thrown that is on the board but not touching the ground. (including bags hanging on the hole)
• 3 points for any bag in the hole.
Tallying / Scoring:
• For each throwing round, the team with the most points wins the round and subtracts the other team's points from theirs.
• The difference is added to the team's score from the previous round.
• The team that wins the round, wins the honor of throwing first in next round.
• First team to 21 wins game.
Double Elimination:
• First loss puts you in the losers bracket.
• Lose 2 games and you are done.
• Teams coming through the losers bracket must beat winners bracket team twice.


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