You have the right to drink great beer. your beer should have flavor and character, be made locally with the highest quality ingredients, and be enjoyed with friends and family in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  

The Beeranda Rights


We started Legal Draft Beer Company because the great state of Texas simply doesn’t have enough great craft beer. We’re here to help. Our beers are brewed with care and attention to detail by our Brewmaster with the finest ingredients available, and are meant to stand up with the best beers in our state, our nation, and the world. We hope you’ll enjoy them with your family and friends in our taproom and beer garden, or at your favorite watering hole.



So how did a trial lawyer and a medical logistics professional wind up founding a craft brewery?  About 15 years ago, Greg (the lawyer) and Curt (the logistics guy) were hanging out with friends, enjoying a cold beer and discussing family, business, and life its self. With very little introduction, Curt announced that the assembled group of friends should open a brewpub in our hometown, to serve our friends and neighbors along with the many tourists who visit the area. Everyone agreed, then finished their beers and returned to making a living and raising a family. In early 2015, Curt and Greg and their friends were again enjoying a cold beverage together (a theme has now appeared) when Greg let everyone know that he had decided to open a craft brewery in Arlington, so that our hometown could take part in the craft beer revolution and participate in the revitalization of downtown Arlington. Curt, of course, simply couldn’t resist. Thanks to a recovering attorney and a retired logistics guy, here we are.

The jury

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